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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Music Review #10: One Direction [Story Of My Life]

Today, I'm reviewing a One Direction song. Actually, it might be just me, but I find this song very sad, yet meaningful in a depressing way.

Most of you know that One Direction is releasing their third studio album in just two years. Ever since their breakthrough hit, their very first song I might add, 'What Makes You Beautiful', the band soars through the charts. They have won the hearts of millions of fans all over the world.

I know a lot of Directioners, in person and over blogging. Though I've never been into them that much, I admit that they are pretty talented and hilarious. Might I add, (this is painful) a little cute. I can understand why the band has been successful. But... even so, they're not very high on my list. I'll talk about that later. (And if you don't want to read this post. Skip to the end and read.)

'Story of My Life' is a song speaking of love, tragic love actually. It begins with doubt from the girl, sometimes the boys don't get. "Written in these walls are stories I can't explain/I leave my heart open, but it stays empty/She said she didn't feel the same about us in her bones/IT seems when I die these words will be written on my stone."

Now it seems like this guy could be... talking about suicide or the breakup? "And I'll be gone, gone tonight/The ground beneath my feet is open wide/The way I've been holding on too tight/With nothing in between."

The chorus tells the story of this relationship and how it ended. "The story of my life/I take her home/I drive all night to keep her warm/And time is frozen/The story of my life/I give her hope/I spend her love/Until she's broke inside."

The second speaks of the wish to forget this girl, but the boys can't. "Leave my heart open/But it still stays in this cage/I know that in the morning now I see us in the night on the hill/Although I am broken my heart is untamed still."

No matter what they wish, they know that the relationship is hopeless. "But baby chasing your heart is like chasing the clouds."

Though this song has a bit of hope, it speaks of a hopeless and broken relationship. It speaks truth. We try to forget things. We try to forget the people who have broke us and let us down, but there are some things we just can't let go off. Thankfully, it does eventually resent living in the past. But moving on is not a subject in this ballad.

The music video, which was released today, takes a different direction. It shows the boys remembering their family as they live in the moments they can't get back.

We never known when life will take a whole different direction, as these talent completions have shown us. So we should live today as if the next day everything will know will be gone. Anything can happen. God has a plan that no one knows about. So we should 'live like there's no tomorrow'.

Of course, this doesn't really when applied to temporary relationships. Something what we want to think is good can be bad for us.

I actually do like One Direction. Don't get me wrong. I love how they're goof half the time, but when the time comes, they are willing to be serious. I've realized why One Direction is such a popular choice, especially with teenage girls. Because they care about girls. They sincerely care. Half the rap songs out these days are totally insulting to woman. That guy, Robin Thickke, who's video is still on the top ten on iTunes, actually has lyrics like, "I fell in love with 'that thing'." That makes me want to puke.

On the other hand, One Direction don't see woman as 'thing'. They're not trying to be heartthrobs either. You know they're sincere when they talk about us and they're very sweet. But, all things considered, I won't follow One Direction for really one reason. They might have good intentions, but still, they have on they wrong with that. I'm just going to say this plainly because I know it without a doubt. They're views on sex before marriage are wrong.

Think about it. They're released two albums, one to come. The hit albums are called, 'Up All Night', 'Take Me Home' and 'Midnight Memories.' What idea do you get after reading these titles? Even in this song is suggestive! No fan can deny that these guys talk about night a lot. Their hit, 'Little Things' talks about the girl talking in her sleep. Ask yourself this question. How would he know she talks in her sleep? Furthermore, how would he know she has dimples in the back of the spine? The answer is pretty clear.

You might think that this is unclear. But one song talks about it directly. A bonus track on their second album, 'Truly, Madly, Deeply' starts out like this: "Am I awake, asleep, or something in between/I can't believe that you are here/Lying next to me." You can't argue with that.

I think people just don't really realize what they really mean because, again, they have stolen the hearts of teen girls. But we have to apply this to a Biblical perspective when the world doesn't.

So while One Direction has hope, they have one gap. Purity. Losing your purity is something you can never take back, something that you could live in forever. Unfortunately, One Direction don't see value of purity.

Monday, September 30, 2013

                       Music Review Monday 4# You're Not Sorry (Taylor Swift)
Today I'm going to review a song by a very popular artist. Can you guess who it is? I'll  giver you  clue. Whenever this person releases a  song, the reaction from the media and her fans is.... "Wow! Okay, what famous celebrity guy is it about this time?"

Do you get it?

Taylor Swift is well known for her autobiography style to her music. She even went as far as saying the name in the song, 'Dear John', (which is probably about her ex, John Mayer) She admitted 'Forever and Always' to be about Joe Jonas on the Ellen Show. I have to admit, though I have loved Taylor Swift ever since I watched the 'You Belong With Me' video, she can be a little mean. I can even understand maybe why she would put the names in the songs, but sometimes, (The Grammys, for instance), she can go a little too far.

Actually, one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs at the moment, is a older song from her breakthrough album, Fearless. Called 'You're Not Sorry', a remix of the song was in CSI episode which Swift guest starred in.

'You're Not Sorry' talk about a relationship which Taylor is sick of a boyfriend saying "I'm sorry," when he hurts her again and again. The song is slow and mostly has piano in it. It's country rock.

"All this time I was wasting/Hoping you could come around," she begins sadly. "I've been giving out chances every time/And you do is let me down/And it's taking me this long, baby/But I've figured you out/And you're thinking we'll be fine again, but not this time around."

That's pretty much the whole song's idea. We learn what he did in their second verse. "You got your share of secrets/And I'm tired of being last to know/You're asking me to listen 'cuz it's worked each time before." She also tells the boy how much she really did love him. "You used to shine so bright, but I watch all of it fade... You can tell me that you're sorry/But I don't believe you baby like I did before/You're not sorry/No, no."

This song is mentioned in her fearless quote. "When someone keeps apologizing for things they'll stop doing, I think it's fearless to say 'you're not sorry.' I think it's fearless to walk away."

Of course, this is a good reason to break up with your boyfriend. If you realize that the guy is doing things behind your back, and he keeps apologizing, yet, he doesn't improve, you should break up with him. But what's sad is that the relationship used to be way different. When parents from a family I knew, broke up, I was sad, mostly because I remember what it used to be. That's one of the saddest parts about any broken relationships.

I was thinking about this song one day, and I thought, 'Wow, how different would we be if God applied this same thing with us?" You've apologized to God for uncountable things. I have What if God thought, "Well, you're not sorry." Then He walked away. The question is: Why doesn't He

He doesn't because he knows our heart. He knows when we're sorry and when we're not. Even when there's a certain time when he knows we're not sorry, but He forgives us anyway and makes us realize it. Why?

Because of Jesus. Because He died for our sins. If you put your trust in Him, He will give you  a new desire for Him. That doesn't mean you'll be perfect. You'll mess up alright. But because Jesus died for us, God can know forgive us. How? By just asking Him. He gives us that desire to change too.

Isn't that awesome to think about? God loves you so much. He'll never let you go, say 'you're not sorry', or walk away. Why? Because of Jesus. Because He is loving, kind, and forgiving.

So Swift was probably being just in her song, but we know of more just message, a message that doesn't bring us down.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Music Review Monday #3 (Atlas)

I was originally going to review a Katy Perry song, but I've been talking about her a little too much lately. So I decided about two seconds ago to review a lead single to a soundtrack, Catching Fire. This song is 'Atlas' by Coldplay.

Catching Fire, the second book to the Hunger Games Series (which I am obsessed with these days). The movie is coming on this November:)

Coldplay, which I really wasn't familiar with until I noticed that the lead song from the soundtrack had been released, is a British rock band that was formed in 1996. Compared to all the stars I listen to, they are very old. The song is talking about the relationship between the book's hero and heroine, Katniss and Peeta.

Okay, I would like to say, that I read the Hunger Games books this year. At first I wasn't sure about them, but soon, after finally reading the Mocking Jay, the final book, I realized I was a Hunger Game freak! The books are so good and I love going back to them and reading the parts again, and never get tired of it. That's  something I love and look for in books. The emotion, the love, and the intensity of these books are amazing!

Okay, I had to say that. Now onto the song. It is a slow, haunting tune, which according to the lyrics, is a promise between two friends to protect each other. But also, it sounds like a cry out for guidance to... God?

Right away, the lyrics are influenced by the book."Some saw the sun," the lead singer begins. "Some saw the smoke/Some heard the gun/Some bent the bow." The violent, and cruel world is present here in this song, like 'Safe and Sound', the lead single of the first movie.

The bridge speaks of the rebellion plot in the book. "Sometimes the wire must tense for a note/Catching in the fire, oh/We are about to explode."

The promise to love and protect is in the chorus. "Carry your world/I'll carry your world." The second verse talks about many people's love for fame and adventure. "Some search for gold/Some dragons to slay."

Crying out for help, the song mentions God and Heaven, though neither is mentioned in any of the books. "Heaven we hope is just down the road/Show me the way, Lord/'Cuz I am about to explode."

The song, though doesn't have many lyrics, says a great deal of words. The connection to the book, its plot and the relationship between the two main characters, is clear. (Well, if you've read the book and seen the movie) Through it, though, Katniss and Peeta do 'carry each other's world.' Katniss by protecting Peeta's life and Peeta by protecting and comforting her heart when their world falls apart around them.

I was quite surprised to see a cry to God for guidance, since, the book, though many people die, never mentions afterlife or God. One of the few things I disliked about the books was how many characters died. But the funny thing, expect for maybe one of Katniss' dreams, no one even spoke about what would happen after death.

Though the book doesn't mention God, this song does. I'm glad it did. I've always adored the relationship between Katniss and Peeta with all my heart. This song, though doesn't involve a catchy beat or killer vocals, is beautiful. The promise and cry out to God gives us a lesson the book fails to give.

If I really like a song I'm going to post it, so here it is!

Music Review Monday #2 (American Girl)

Being patriotic is a good thing, but when it can go a little too far, it can sound very selfish, stupid, and unwise.

Bonnie McKee hasn't released any music since 2004. Though she has been co-writing with Katy Perry, no original music has come out of her, until recently. This June, 'American Girl' was released. McKee isn't exactly patriotic  in this song, but it does bring up our free country.

In her summer tune, McKee sings about who she is... in a I'm-my-own-boss manner. "I feel in love 7/11 in the parking lot," she begins. Quickly, she brings alcohol into the mix "Sat on the curb drinking slurpees we mixed with alcohol."

That's just the beginning. At the first verse, I get that she has ambitions to conquer the world as her tells her beau, "I got a plan and I'm going to dominate." Though she isn't interest in getting serious, she's interested in getting physical. "I don't need a man getting in my way/But if you talk with your hands/Then we can negotiate."

Coming right after, the catchy hook says who she is, and what's she her for. "I'll just keep moving my body/I'm always ready to party/I'll never listen to Mommy/and I'll never say I'm sorry."

"I'm an American girl!" she shouts. "I'm loving taking over the world/I'm hot blooded/I was raised by a television/Every day is a competition."

In the second verse, McKee talks about buying love. "I want to a new heart out of a vending machine/Cuz baby it's a free country/So we can do anything."

There's not much more to the song than that. When I first heard this on the radio, I thought,
'Wow, this is so catchy." But when I listened to the lyrics of the upbeat hook, I released not only is this very wrong, but it isn't very smart either, like this whole song.

Some songs have a feminist edge to them that just ruins the mood. Unfortunately, the part about ruling the world isn't my main concern. By the lyrics, and the music video, I can tell that she did rule the world, it would not be pretty.

But she probably can't help it. After she, she admits she was raised by a television, (as stupid as that seems). Sometimes I get caught up in the pop culture. Sometimes I feel like our generation is raised by a television or a screen. Because that's what entertains us. Because there's not much more in life. Well, that's what we think. But look what happens when someone is raised by a television or an iPod, or the internet.

The music video has even more junk than the song itself. In it, she goes into a store, gets stuff, and convinces the guy to let her off the hook when she forgets her money. It looked as she never meant to pay him in the first place. She and her friends also steal a convertible from a shirtless guy with a lot of tattoos. She changes shirts in this car too. Just her backside is shown for a second or two.

Well, though she defends herself by saying this is a free country. But while we might be free to act like we want, it doesn't mean we're always right. I think we all can agree there is a long list that our country has made legal that isn't right. Since McKee co-wrote songs like 'Roar and 'Teenage Dream', we can be sure her view of living isn't a godly view.

If this song defines what a American girl is, I certainly don't want to be one. But I know this isn't what defines our American girls. Sure, we might be all American, but the American girls we can look up to, are woman like Clara Barton, Abail Adams, and Harriet Tubman. Not the girls described in this 'patriotic' song.

I'm sorry, Miss McKee, but you can't buy love and just because our country is free doesn't give you the right to do what you want do if its wrong.

So just like slurpee described in the song (like you would get at a gas station or Burger King), it might look good, but inside it has alcohol. Just like this song might be catchy, but inside is a message that can eat you alive.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Great Begining... and the Horrifying Now

Miley Cyrus has been quite a popular topic this week.

Her performance at the VMAS (MTV Music Video Awards) was with Robin Thickie  was apparently really bad. Everyone is talking about it, from secular critics to my local Christian radio station broadcaster. Yes, it was that bad. Parents are upset because that used to be the girl that their younger children looked up to on Hannah Montana. Other comments talk about having nightmares with her... front and center. Just like it has been since Sunday.

First of all, I would like to confess, that though I didn't watch this performance, but did see a few pictures, I am disgusted. But not surprised for three reasons.

1. This is VMAs we're talking about here. MTV! A lot of really terrible things happen at this award show.

2. She did a duet with Robin Thicke. His #1 video was blocked by Youtube! I don't even want to say why!

3. This is Miley Cyrus. Sure, she was good on Hannah Montana. She was great until those pictures got out about three years ago. But let's face the sad truth: That girl died. Because if you look at her back in 2009 and get a glimpse of her now. Oooo... big difference. It's sad. She's sad. She's so vain. I remember reading her autobiography a few years ago. I saw the Psalms written in it. She talked about God and how He did great things in her life. I don't know what happened, but her story is a warning. When you get older, you change. There's no way around it. Only you can decide how you want to change. You have to surround yourself with godly influences. I've heard stories like this, not about celebrities. It can happen to anyone, even you.

Okay, enough about that. Actually, the reason I'm taling about this is because I wanted to review her new song. Her album, Bangerz, (does it surprise me that I can't even pronounce that word?), is available for preorder. Not that I would want to preorder it! Six of those songs are explicit and you can tell by the album cover that this isn't very good.

'Wrecking Ball' is the lastest song by her. Though it is nothing like 'We Can't Stop', which talks about partying and taking drugs. It's more serious. It takes about a relationship, a relationship in which Miley is determine is make work, even if she has to force him into it.

Stating out, the song goes into a soft, haunting tune with Miley singing in a narrative. We see right away how violent this relationship is. "We clawed/We chained our hearts in vain." Also sexual. "We kissed/I fell under your spell/A love no one can deny."

She confesses that though this is a broken relationship, it was much more than it seemed. "Don't you ever say/I just walked away/I will always love you." Now she sings against what she seems to be already doing. "I can't live a lie/Running for my life/I will always love you."

Here comes her meatopher as the song builds up to a very powerful chorus. "I came in like a wrecking ball/I never hit so hard in love," she confesses. "All I wanted to do was break your walls, but you broke me."

Also, she sowerfully sings of how the relationship ended. "I put you high up in the sky/And now you're not coming down/It slowly turned/You let me burn/And now, we're ashes in the ground."

Miley did love this boy, so much she wanted to 'break his walls.' Some people, when their hearts have been broken before, have 'walls' when they get into other relationship. They're reluctant, shy, and sometimes even scared. 'Walls' is a popular metaphor in music.

But this song doesn't just talk about just another, regretful, sowerfull relationship. I'm afraid it is much more. The bridge hints to what could have been emotional, and even sexual abuse. Who's doing the abusing? Apparently right now, it's Miley. She even admits to being wrong about the way she 'came in like a wrecking ball'. "I never meant to start a war/I just wanted you to let me in/Instead of using force, I guess I should have let you in."

It is unclear who's fault this was. She went too far, and the boy gave it right back to her. The mentions towards a destructive, and perhaps abusive relationship come in multiple lines and ultimately, the whole idea of the song. "You wrecked me," she tells her ex-lover. 

This song has a way better message than 'We Can't Stop.' (And it doesn't want to make me puke every time I hear it) It was well written, and it was honest. But it seems as if these lovers were just abusing each other. The sad fact is that Miley meant well, and it started with something as simple as a kiss.

It's a warning. Things might start innocently enough, but they have a destructing end. Just like Miley's career. It started so innocently with Hannah Montana. Now it's gone viral... for the wrong reasons.

One thing's for sure. Miley has demolished all the trust, and respect she had from her old fans and their parents. She has pulled the final straw, and now Hannah Montana, her autobiography, and her Christian faith, has turned into memories, memories that are slowly fading away.

It's funny. Whenever I hear a song like 'We Can't Stop', my first reaction is gag! But once I realize that person is someone I used to look up to, my feeling of disgust turns to sadness. It really is sad because things might have a great beginning, but with Hollywood, you never know how it's going to end.

Music Review Monday #1: Yours Truly

Love is something.

Innocent love, haunted love, forbidden love. All of it is a popular topic all over the world, especially in music. Sometimes I wish someone would sing about something more. But if it isn't about love, it's about partying. So I suppose I want something that, at least, means something.

 When it comes to music, there's only two options these days. Partying or love. Or you could try a combination of them both. Once in awhile you get a respect-yourself anthem. But I'm getting less and less of that lately.

Ariana Grande is known for her starring roles in Sam and Cat and Victorious. Her single, 'The Way' was very popular and reached #32 on the Hot 100 Billboard charts.

'Yours Truly' is her new album. Featuring many collaborations, it is a love themed, Marey Carey styled, R&B album.

Wholesome Content

The second single, 'Baby I' is  a sweet love song in which Ariana tries to express her loving feelings. In the end, she simply just says 'I love you.' On that note, 'Right Here' is a promise to stay true to her lover. In 'Tattoed Heart', she assures her crush that all he needs to do is love her, instead having money or playing games.

One of the only 'breakup' songs on this album is 'You'll Never Know.' Ariana informs a guy he's too late and now she's got new guy who loves her. In 'Honeymoon Avenue', she longs for to make the next step in her relationship. Still, she has hope. "I know we'll find our way home."

The lead single, 'The Way', Grande commends her boy for getting her heart. The two songs that aren't love songs, are 'Popular Song' and 'Piano.' 'Popular Song' is a triumphant song, in which Grande doesn't let bullies' get in her down. Instead of writing a sad love song, she decides to write a fun, upbeat song on her new 'Piano.'

The only sad song in this album, 'Almost is Never Enough' regrets not sticking through an relationship and wishes it wasn't too late.

Unacceptable Content

A few songs are suggestive. Guest rapper Mac Miller raps, "Your bed feeling lonely/So you're sleeping in mine." Even though Ariana knows the relationship is ending, she still wants to be physical. "Hold on, shut up, and kiss me, baby/I just wanna get a little taste before you go." (Lovin' it)

Instead of confessing her true feelings to her ex-lover, once she leaves him, she decides to party the night away. She also mentions kissing. "I'm gonna say please/Make sure they kiss me." Night is mentioned the 'Daydreamin'. "I don't want to wait for the night." It's a tad bit suggestive.

Since honeymoons do involved sleeping together, and since Grande is not married, 'Hollywood Aveunue' suggests towards nights together.

In 'Right There', guest rapper Big Sean takes God's name in vain.


Well, there isn't much to say. You get the picture. Grande is in love. She's happy and in love. That's why I was liked about the album. A lot of artists, including Taylor Swift, can focus a little too much on the bad things about love. Ariana looks at the bright side of things in every one of these songs.

A lot of them did sound the same, and a few songs were suggestive, but overall, I loved this album! Ariana Grande has a beautiful voice. She did a little too high at times, but other than that, the vocals were lovely. The songs were catchy. Though a few rappers ruined the mood, espically in 'The Way', it was great.

Since this album is been #1 on the iTunes since it released last Tuesday, I think, for once, the public would agree with me.


Happiest Song: Baby I
Saddest Song: Almost Is Never Enough
Most Meaningful Song: Popular Song
Best Written: Hollywood Avenue
Most Sexual Content: The Way
Personal Favorite: Baby I/Popular Song

Thursday, August 22, 2013

From 'Meow' to ROAR!

It's been about a year since we've heard from Katy Perry when she released Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection. In her hit album, Teenage Dream, she sings
about running away with a guy, girls with binkies, fireworks, and a supernatural relationship. Though the album was explicit, sexy, and used one too many cuss words, she ended it on a good note with her moving on song, 'Wide Awake.' After her divorce, she also released a 3D movie.

Now if you are Katy Perry fan, or if you just know a little about her style, you know that she is a candy girl. (See pic)Though her hair is naturally colored black, her hair is often colored, blue, pink and purple.

But that little stunt is over.

With the release of her lead single, 'Roar', she has released four teasers. One showed her burning her blue wig. Another took place at a cemetery where they supposedly buried the old her. The third showed a cat, meowing. He eats something black, then roars. At first, I thought these teasers were a good sign. Maybe she would go back to the way thing were before with her debut Christian album. Then I came to realize that though Katy is weird, at least she is weird in a candy, innocent sort of way. Since she's putting all that behind her, what would become of her now?

She is a cat girl. Her super fans are called 'Katy Cats'. But now, she isn't a cat anymore.
If you haven't guessed it by now, she's a tiger.

'Roar's shows a new side to Katy. It is full of girl power and triumph. Letting people push her around is not a option anymore. Staying in the depths of despair is not longer doable. "I wrote it because I was sick of keeping these feelings inside and not speaking up for myself, which caused a lot of resentment," Miss Perry says, on writing this song.

Starting off, she speaks of the old her. "I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath/Scared to rock the boat and make a mess/I stood for nothing/And feel for everything."

As the song gets faster, she tells the pusher that she will no longer put up with it. "You held me down/But I got up/Get ready cause I've had enough."

What is she going to do now?

Roar! "I got the eye of the tiger/Dancing through the fire/Cause I am champion/And you're gonna hear me Roar/Louder than the than the lion." Though she is softer now, she still has a fierce side. "Now I'm floating like a butterfly/Stinging like a bee/I earned my stripes/I went from zero/To my own hero." Katy has no intention of being merciful either. "You hear my voice/You hear my sound/Like thunder, I'm gonna shake your ground."

When I first heard this song, I was delightfully surprised. Maybe this song doesn't provide the best message, it is really good for Katy! Though I've never been a huge fan because of her inappropriate music, I did enjoy some songs. This is way better than the lead single for Teenage Dream, 'California Gurls',

Through the years, Katy has been through a lot. She started out a Christian artist, but since she has gone astray. I had hopped that her divorce had perhaps woken her up.  When I heard 'Wide Awake', I was hopeful. Then I heard that she said, "My music's about to get f---ing dark."

This song isn't dark, but I pray that the rest of her album, Prism, isn't. 'Roar' talks about girls. Think about this. When a guy ticks another guy off, the another guy beats him up and it's over with. On the other hand, girls can be mad for months. They don't punch. They talk and their words leave a mark. We're emotional people and we when we 'roar', we can hurt people more than guys do. Physical scars don't hurt, but emotional ones definitely do.

Though 'Roar' is pretty clean and its triumphant message is encouraging, when I put it that way, it isn't the best message.